Does Your Social Media Voice Echo Your Mission?

As a communications firm, we are often asked if we “do social media.” To me, that’s almost like asking, “Do you do in-person meetings?” Social media covers so many channels these days, it would be difficult to run an organization without participating in some form of Continue reading

Do You Have A Social Media Crisis Plan?

What can nonprofits learn from Apple and Taylor Swift? A lot, actually. You probably heard about the Taylor Swift-Apple showdown. If you haven’t, here is a brief summary: Taylor Swift posted an open letter to Apple on her Tumblr page explaining why she would not Continue reading

Tips for Building Connections on Facebook

You created a Facebook page and scheduled posts for the next two weeks, so you’ve conquered social media, right? Wrong.

Social media is more than just having a Facebook page and posting a picture once a day. To be successful, you need to be strategic. Why?  Continue reading

Connecting on Twitter: 4 Tips for Doing It Right

Twitter is a simple yet powerful tool that organizations can use to connect with their audiences and spread awareness about their work. However, as with all tools, to be effective you must use it correctly. We’ve compiled some tips to help you use Twitter the right way: Continue reading