About the Connective Impact eBook

There are more than 1.5 million nonprofits and foundations registered in the United States.

With the digital landscape leveling the playing field for organizations seeking to attract and engage new donors, how do you ensure yours cuts through the noise? Inspiring donors to support your mission requires making deep connections.  

With a harmonious relationship between donor development and communications, you can streamline projects, be more strategic, and ultimately raise more money for your mission.
Growing Donor Engagement with Storytelling

Download this resource to discover:

  • How to gain a deeper understanding of the motivation for individuals to give by developing Donor Personas

  • A baseline view of how connected your teams are with our 10-question Self-Evaluation

  • The five steps you can take to develop a strategy that incorporates the strengths of both donor development and communications

  • How to convert the content you’ve created to engage prospects and donors

  • How to use technology to create a digital moves management ecosystem