5 Steps to Starting A Podcast for Your Nonprofit

Oral storytelling is a part of human history, and there is no better digital medium to tap into this innate human characteristic and desire than Podcasts. Not only is it a part of our historical fabric as individuals — podcasting as a medium is on the rise. Continue reading

Email Marketing vs Marketing Automation: Choosing the Right Solution

It’s easy to confuse basic email marketing with marketing automation. While they’re both powerful concepts that can substantially enhance your nonprofit’s donor development and retention efforts, there are quite a few things that make them different. In a nutshell, marketing automation helps nonprofits automate their marketing and development efforts, enabling them to generate more support for their cause. Continue reading

Marketing Automation Missteps: 4 Things to Avoid

Marketing automation software solutions are incredibly intricate, power-packed and can be intimidating for nonprofits that are often slow to adopt new and emerging technology. Getting the most out of marketing automation requires an intentional approach and an understanding of what to focus on, as well as avoid in the process. Continue reading

5 Steps to Successfully Implementing Marketing Automation

The digital world has altered our expectations when it comes to connecting with organizations we want to give back to. According to research done by Accenture, more than 44% of donors have reported feeling more willing to donate to an organization that gives them a personalized experience. Donors want more meaningful connections with the organizations they support and with a marketing automation strategy in place, the opportunities to connect with donors are endless. Continue reading