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Moving in a New World

We no longer find our way in the world by searching out information and messages that tell us what to think.

We want to associate with people who provide us with unique experiences that appeal to our dreams and emotions. Experiences that add meaning to our pursuit of a better world. Experiences that allow us to come to our own conclusions.

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Creating a Movement

Shared experiences and the stories that emerge from them drive community action. Action drives movements. And movements change the world.

So today, the focus is no longer on messages and media. Now it’s about creating delightful experiences.

Deep, emotional experiences engage, inform, and help community members do things they could not do on their own.

Use storytelling to fuel your movement

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How Movements Really Happen

Most message strategies are about telling people what to think and what to do.

But there’s a big difference between telling people what to do and inciting a movement.

Movements happen when people are connected.

Movements happen when people talk with one another. When ideas spread within the community.

Most of all, movements happen when peer support helps people do what they believe is important and right.

Your Organization’s Role as Leader

Leaders create movements by empowering a connected community to do things through experiences. Then they help them share their experiences with others through stories.

They create platforms that people can use to make connections inside and outside the community.

Modern movements are digitally connected. Online hubs and social media make it easy for advocates to take part and spread the movement.

So leaders engage influencers — people with large networks of followers — in the cause. And they bring with them new and true believers.

Building Momentum

Fast moving movements assemble tight-knit communities.

Instead of big numbers, effective movements seek highly committed community members.

They’re not on the hunt for more and more sets of eyeballs. Instead, they see that the real win comes from turning a casual fan into a true fan.

Turn casual website visitors into passionate donors

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Keeping the Focus

Leaders of strong movements focus their efforts on tightening the community.

A tight community is one that makes connections with speed, fervor, and emotion.

A tight community is more likely to hear its leader. It’s more likely to coordinate action and ideas across the community.

For Example What did you do in the Great Recession?

Florida imploded.

The tourism and real estate industries it so depended upon collapsed. Businesses closed. People lost their jobs. Families struggled.

But in the midst of crisis a dream was born.

It was a dream to diversify the economy. To bring local business leaders, government officials, and everyday citizens together. And to create an environment where businesses could start, restart, and relocate.

But the big question was how to assemble and connect these diverse groups into an empowered tribe.

MagnifyGood found the answers in empathy research with local business leaders and the people of Sarasota County.

With that insight, they began connecting with people. Building the tribe. And then connecting tribe members to the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce to lead the way.

Connected together they found their voice. Together they moved the cause forward. Together they created a movement. Together they built momentum.

And together they returned $416 to the greater Sarasota economy for every dollar invested.

All under the rallying cry of “I’m In.”