Empowering Nonprofits Through Digital Transformation

Do you remember shuddering at the thought of writing your first blog? What about masking your disdain every time someone suggested that your organization consider online giving? Now, more than a decade later, these tools have become an integral part of the development, fundraising and communications efforts of nonprofits. Continue reading

Nonprofit Marketing: 5 Reasons to Consider Inbound

Our world is constantly changing, reshaping the needs of donors and how nonprofit organizations connect with them. In recent years, the digital age has altered nonprofit marketing and leveled the playing field for organizations seeking to attract and engage new donors. Continue reading

Building Connected Movements for Good

“Men and women search for meaning, hope for fulfillment, yearn for faith in something beyond themselves, and cry desperately for love and community to support them.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

We all hold a core truth — a passion that inspires us to take meaningful action, and a dedication to achieving the greater good. As humans, we have an instinctual need to create community by connecting with others who share these passions. Continue reading

Trends for Nonprofit Leaders in 2019: Legislative Brands

Each one of us fosters a core truth — a passion that inspires us to take meaningful action. For years, philanthropy has had the sole responsibility of facilitating those desires to create positive change. A decade ago, the idea that brands needed to engage in political activism to maintain or increase sales would have humored marketers. In 2019, giving back has become a cross-sector responsibility. Continue reading