Digital Moves Management 101: Creating and Understanding Donor Personas

Successful fundraising professionals know that your process doesn’t begin by simply blasting a random message to everyone in your database. There are many nuanced steps that help you understand your donors and their motivations, which allows you to effectively connect with various audience segments and personas. Building donor personas is a multi-dimensional task that involves weighing a variety of different data points far beyond age and other high-level demographics. Continue reading

Digital Moves Management: Defining Your 24/7 Donor Development Strategy

Have you ever thought about all the tasks that you would like to accomplish and want to give up? Nearly everyone hits the point where you feel as though it will never be enough. You’ll never have enough hours in the day to speak with all of your potential donors, never have enough funds to reach out to tell the impact story the way you would like to. Even if you’re using technology to communicate at all levels of your organization, are you speaking with your prospects and donors or to them? This critical difference is clearly delineated in your mind in the analog world. When it comes to moving prospects along their donor journey online, are you truly ready?
Continue reading

Using Content to Connect With Donors

You already know how important donor personas are to building effective communications and development strategies. (If you don’t, check out this blog.) Well, content is the rocket fuel for connecting and engaging with your organization’s personas. Continue reading

The Philanthropic Revolution is Here: Are You Ready?

The story of philanthropy today is the story of two revolutions. One is a technology revolution. The other is a monumental change in how people give. As nonprofit professionals, we’re at the frontline of both of these paradigm shifts in information control. Continue reading