The Donor’s Journey: How to Reach Donors in the Digital Age

Today, it is no longer the sole responsibility of your development team to attract new donors. Things are moving faster, and advances in technology have altered the way donors come in contact with your organization. The moment a prospective donor experiences a triggering event, they discover a problem that connects to them and their passions, propelling them into action and a search for opportunities to make a difference. Continue reading

Donor Personas: Lessons From Nike And The For-Profit World

Images and videos of burning shoes and socks with holes in the shape of Nike’s iconic “swoosh” logo flooded social media in response to the brand taking a bold stance on a controversial issue. The brand’s decision to feature Colin Kaepernick — who is attributed with starting the growing movement of NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem — during its 30th anniversary campaign was met with social media uproar. Continue reading

Trends for Nonprofit Leaders in 2019: Legislative Brands

Each one of us fosters a core truth — a passion that inspires us to take meaningful action. For years, philanthropy has had the sole responsibility of facilitating those desires to create positive change. A decade ago, the idea that brands needed to engage in political activism to maintain or increase sales would have humored marketers. In 2019, giving back has become a cross-sector responsibility. Continue reading

Connecting With the Next Generation of Philanthropists

Before modern society, human survival was dependent on our ability to connect with our communities and work together toward a common goal. When resources were scarce and foraging for food was a necessary task, our ancestors knew that working together was the only way to continue. This is why they came together to form tribes. Continue reading