frank2020: Awe-Inspiring Insights from Day One

This year’s theme at the annual frank gathering is all about using the full palette of emotions — with intention. Different emotions can drive people to react in different ways.

Being intentional about the particular emotion you’re trying to evoke will ensure you’re successful in your mission to drive your audience to take a specific action.

Day One of #frank2020 focused on ‘Awe.’ In our work as communicators in the social sector, it can be easy to look straight to sending out messages that make people feel sad about the experiences of others. But eliciting emotions such as awe can draw people in and inspire them to take action.

Consider the emotional intensity of your messages. Messages that evoke too strong of a particular emotion — such as guilt, sadness or pity — can make people uncomfortable and compel them to block-out your communications altogether.

And while empathy is at the core of social change work, focusing too much on empathy can assist in driving negative stereotypes, biases and polarization.

If you want to get in on the awe-inspiring action of frank 2020, you can watch the live stream or follow along on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Tyler Lastovich via Unsplash 

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