How Brands Are Promoting Good By Responding to COVID-19

Right now, most of us are on edge. Our daily lives have been thrown in limbo as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has asked individuals across the country to practice social distancing and stay at home.

Private companies and brands across the country are stepping forward to settle some of the anxieties and uncertainty individuals are feeling across the world right now. They offered free food delivery, Internet access for students facing school closures and enhanced at-home entertainment to encourage people to stay inside — while also offering them a piece of their normal life.

National Distilleries and Breweries

Across the country, breweries and distilleries have stepped up to meet the shortage of disinfectant products — such as hand sanitizer. By changing their recipes and using materials from the World Health Organization, these companies are donating hand sanitizer to their respective communities and medical professionals by the thousands.


Due to COVID-19 concerns, students were told they would spend a month — and possibly the rest of the school year at home. This raised concerns about children who may not have Internet access at home. To meet the need, Comcast offered free Wi-Fi students for 60 days. Since the announcement, both Comcast and Spectrum have opened up these offers to meet the needs of low-income families and veterans as well.


To encourage social distancing, while lending a hand to small businesses who are feeling the economic impact of COVID-19, UberEats offered free delivery to its customers if they ordered from a local restaurant.


Beyond dealing with campus closures and graduation cancelations, higher education students across the country are being told to abruptly leave their college dorms and apartments. Promoting good will, U-Haul began offering free storage for 30 days to college students.

Years of working with the social sector has taught us that creating deep, meaningful connections is the key to maintaining and generating support. The inherent human need for authenticity that aligns with our deepest held values is what motivates our behaviors and expectations.

Brands doing good didn’t start with COVID-19, but their innovative and thoughtful ways to give back is an example of how we’re much stronger when we’re working together. And those that are stepping up right now have likely touched the hearts of many new, loyal supporters.

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