Investing in a better world: Day One Takeaways from SSIR Frontiers of Innovation

You say you want a revolution? Social, industrial, technology or global – take your pick. With the first day of the 2018 SSIR Frontiers of Innovation conference in the books, you don’t have to. It was a day full of memorable takeaways from disruptors and innovators all coming to the table with their experience and ideas on how to create change for good. 

Lead with Love

Movements happen when stakeholders not only fund causes that ignite them, but they rise up to advocate for the causes.

Leadership means stepping up to lead change, learning from the past, and understanding the gaps.

It asks us to embrace the frustration, choose love, and refuse complacency in order to create change.

Technology + transparency = trust

In the ever-growing social sector where technology is leading the way, sustainable progress is dependent upon transparency for ethical accountability.

Finding philanthropists with low risk aversion who will back you in the process of trying and failing is the key to gain more philanthropic capital. Seek out those funders who believe in your mission and trust that even though your tech may not be perfect the first try, that it will provide value in its earliest stages and only continue to improve.


Investing in a better world

When companies like Zipline can deliver blood via drone tech to rural clinics or Worldreaders app can provide racks of books virtually to families in developing countries to improve literacy rates, it is strong case for investing in social entrepreneurship and technology to create a better world.

Systems change is a global movement, not a moment

Every day, we are confronted the injustices that spark anger, empathy and ultimately, ideas for change. Turning this moment into a movement involves responding, building, pivoting and scaling. That is the key to initiate real systems change.


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