Creating a More Equitable World: Day Two of #SECF49

Day two of the SECF 49th Annual Meeting was a day of reflection for philanthropy.

As the demand for more diversity, equity and inclusion in philanthropy increases, we had the opportunity to attend a handful of insightful sessions that left us hopeful about the future of philanthropy. While it is still important for us to come together and think beyond ‘taking sides,’ doing good often means taking a stand for what is right. In philanthropy, we have the opportunity and the ability to do this internally and through our mission to help others.

It’s not just about checking boxes.
Advancing racial equity requires stepping into the world of underrepresented communities to address the challenges.

Speaking out protects the soul of your organization.
Trustee of the Greater Memphis Community Foundation, Terri Freeman reminds us to stay grounded in our mission and never lose our rage. “If we do, we have lost the ability to do our work well.

It’s time to expand the philanthropic table.
Investing in the mission of grassroots organizations can aide the need for diversity. It’s an opportunity to include the people we wish to serve in our missions, which is crucial for sustainability.

The sessions today focused on difficult topics, but these conversations are necessary to bridging the divide and creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive world.

We’re proud to see this shift and happy that we were able to take part in this day of reflection. When we come together, we have tremendous power to create impactful and sustainable change for good.

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