Bridging the Divide: Day One Takeaways from the 49th SECF Annual Meeting

Divisiveness. It’s felt across the United States right now, but change is the heart of our goal in philanthropy and creating change requires that we come together. The Southeastern Council of Foundations sought to address this challenge thematically for its 49th annual meeting.

Come Together. Bridge the Divide.

Foundations from across the southeast gathered in Louisville, Kentucky for three days of connection. Inspired and eager to work toward bridging the divide.

In the meeting’s opening session: “Taking Sides vs. Bridging Divides,” keynote speaker and author of “The Reunited States of America: How We Can Bridge the Partisan Divide,” Mark Gerzon talked about philanthropy’s role in a polarized environment.

Democracy isn’t about taking sides, and we’re inherently “transpartisan.”

Shift the conversation from debate to dialogue. 

In order to build bridges. We have to stop speaking to each other to confirm our already held beliefs and seek to learn from each other.

We’re excited and inspired to learn more this week about philanthropy’s role in bringing people together.


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