Share Your Stories and Spark Action With a Capacity-Building Grant

Think back to the moment you knew you wanted to dedicate yourself to creating real, lasting change. We’re willing to bet it was sparked by a compelling story about the good being done in our world or the opportunities all around us to create it.

Whether it involved the experience of a person far away or one much closer to home — perhaps even your own — that story had the potential to motivate you toward your tireless pursuit for good.

Nonprofit stories possess that same spark — and we know there’s no shortage of them. Think about it: Every new home built for a family in need. Every classroom enriched and enlightened. Every mouth fed. Every place beautified. Every voice given to the voiceless. No matter the cause or impact, the stories of how they came to be have a power that resonates with us all. When these stories of your impact are shared and magnified, people connect with them emotionally and find the inspiration to create more good in our world.

At MagnifyGood, we believe the good from one individual makes an impact on our collective efforts in philanthropy. The potential within these stories is what drives us to focus our minds, hearts, and creativity on making connections daily.

As a way to welcome and embrace new beginnings for the new year, we want to amplify philanthropy’s impact while helping one organization make more connections for good in 2019. Throughout the month of January, we invite the nonprofits your foundation supports to share stories of their good using the hashtag #MagnifyGood.

In February, we’ll give one organization a $10,000 capacity-building grant catered to their vision for doing good in the new year and beyond. This grant will be tailored to their immediate communications needs — such as social media training, donor research or communications strategy — based on an initial discovery meeting to learn untapped opportunities to connect.

Participating is easy — just take a minute to tell us about yourself and register here.

Editor’s Note: We’d like to thank all of the organizations that participated in our month-long campaign focused on magnifying the good work of nonprofit organizations.

Seeing the stories that shape your organization and the impact it has on your community has been inspiring and uplifting. The power and potential within these stories is what drives us to focus our minds, hearts, and creativity on making connections daily.

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