5 Keys to Facebook Success for Nonprofits,CSRs, and Foundations

Facebook has been through some changes during the past year. While it’s tougher to have your posts show up on your Followers News Feed, Facebook remains an important social media platform for many nonprofits, CSRs, and foundations to spread the word.



Even though Facebook has lost a bit of its appeal, its still the largest (over 1 billion users around the world), most visited social media platform. Females between ages 18-45 remain the heaviest users of Facebook, so if your cause has a focus on this demographic, Facebook is a great place to reach them.

In addition, your content that gets shared and “Liked” on Facebook does send social signals to Google. Google’s algorithm changes within the past year place more importance on social signals in search engine rankings

The 5 Keys to Facebook Success

1. Make It Fun- People don’t come to Facebook to hear about your nonprofit, CSR, or foundation’s cause or mission. People spend time on Facebook to have fun. They share photos, add comments to posts, tag friends, catch up with friends, and find out what’s happening that interests them.

So… make it fun. Don’t ask people to “Like” or Share your page or posts. Here’s the key: Create an environment on your Facebook page where people will market to each other. Provide interesting information, engaging images, and stories that your followers will want to spread for you.

2. Remarkable, Not Boring- Give your Followers remarkable information, not the same boring posts or information they see from all the other pages they follow. Tell them something they don’t know, but want to know. Show them something different or engaging.

An example of this is dosomething.org. They used Facebook’s open graph app to create Pics for Pets, which allowed people to view and share pictures of pets looking for homes.

3. Keep Doing It. Timing Is Everything- With the Facebook changes, only about 7% of your Followers will see your post in their News Feed. So, to reach your Followers, you must keep posting and sharing content. An active Facebook Page increases your odds of showing up in your Followers Feeds. But, don’t post and share information that doesn’t add value.

Also, be aware of the prime use times on Facebook. Generally, the best times for News items is between 2-4 P.M., and Funny, non-tech items between 6-8 P.M. Check your own Facebook Page metrics to discover your best times for posting and sharing content.

4. Engage and Build Relationships- People come on Facebook to be social. They are looking to connect. Connection means two-way communication. It’s not simply auto-posting and sharing your content.

Connect and build relationships with your Followers. Reply to their comments on your Wall. Ask for their opinions and feedback. Run a quiz or give-away. Offer your help- whenever, however you can.

Be patient. It takes time to nurture and build relationships. There are no shortcuts to authentic connections.

5. Magic With Photos- Images connect with the subconscious. In this post, we talked about how humans are wired visually and the importance of using images in your content. Facebook was built as a visual platform.

Share big, crisp visuals. Share photos of people. People love to view and share photos on Facebook, especially of interesting people.

Follow these 5 keys to Facebook success. Please share a link to your Facebook Page in the comments below. Also, please share what works for you on Facebook.

photo credit: Robert S. Donovan via photopin cc

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