Equitable Evaluation at GEO’s Learning Conference 2019

The first day of GEO’s Learning Conference 2019 brought together a field of passionate grantmaking professionals from across the nation interested in learning, sharing and collaborating to be the most effective in our work.

In recent years, the demand for building and advancing more equitable practices in philanthropy has been at the forefront of the sector’s collective mission. As the importance of strengthening diversity, equity and inclusion is recognized across the philanthropic sector, the need for an evaluation of current practices is apparent.

But to truly make the world a better place for all, advancing diversity and equity can only be successful with an inclusionary mindset.

The impact that can be achieved through collaboration is significant, but to generate meaningful and long-lasting impact, collaboration with the communities that are served is key.

We tell stories to create change for others, but what if we let our beneficiaries tell their own stories and guide their own narratives?

There are numerous opportunities for the philanthropic sector to evaluate its work through a more equitable lens. Being the most effective in philanthropy’s mission to make the world a better place requires learning, sharing and collaborating with more intention on inclusion. Moving beyond simply marking the diversity checkbox, and making the voices of the communities served an integral part of the work is the best way to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Working together, philanthropy has the power to create impactful and sustainable systems change for good.

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