Social Media Dos and Don’ts for Nonprofits, CSRs, and Foundations

Social media is a key component of any organization’s digital media strategy. Yet, in the haste of jumping on the social media bandwagon, many organizations make critical mistakes. As a result, time, effort, and money spent on social media is wasted, and results

are less than desired.

In this article, we’ll explore why nonprofits, CSRs, and Foundations should use social media, and highlight a few social media Dos and Don’ts.

Why Social Media for Nonprofits, CSRs, and Foundations?

Social media offers organizations the ability to amplify the message of their cause. With social media, a following, a community of people who share the passion for your cause can be built. Social media enables the organization to educate and update followers. In addition, you can use social media to research what’s happening in your space.

Dos and Don’ts of Social Media

Just as in real life personal social interactions, some people are smooth, while others awkward. Much of effective social interaction is common sense and understanding people with empathy. Yet, for some reason, perhaps it’s the addition of technology, even some of the most socially astute people struggle with online social media.

Stop the struggle.

Here are the Dos:

Have a Plan- Determine why you are using social media and what you want to accomplish.

Create Measurable Goals- Have goals for numbers of Followers, shares of your content, etc. However, keep in mind, that these social media metrics are indicators of effectiveness. Take one more step. Correlate these social media metrics with your organization’s goals.

For example, how many new Followers do you need on Facebook to gain a new donor? How many Retweet of your blog posts results in visitors who opt-in to your email newsletter and then become donors?

Be Consistent- Your social media content must match your key messaging. Keep focused and share messages that tie into your cause.

Don’t Do This on Social Media

Build Your Network Too Quickly- Be patient. Think quality, not large numbers of followers. Remember, it takes time to nurture and build personal relationships.

Push for Donations or Your Agenda- Don’t sell. Share information and educate. Allow people to discover and connect to you on their own time.

Use Generic Messages- Share original, creative, unique, content. Share content your followers will find interesting and engaging. When followers do engage, make sure you respond back, even if they share a criticism of your cause or organization.

Now you know the social media dos and don’ts. If you have more questions about social media, or need help training your staff on how to get the most out of social media for your organization, let’s talk.

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