Human Chains and the Power of Connecting

It’s safe to say that the news isn’t always the most uplifting thing to watch, but last month two news stories shocked and amazed us because they showed the power of people to unite for good.

You probably saw the awe-inspiring photos of the human chain stretching into the Gulf of Mexico to save stranded swimmers. Here’s a brief recap: 80 strangers came together and formed a human chain to save a group of swimmers that had been swept away by powerful rip currents at a beach in Panama City. With no rescue equipment and no time to wait for help to arrive, beachgoers spontaneously began forming a human chain into the water. It began with just five volunteers and within minutes dozens more joined the rescue mission. Nearly an hour after the incident began, all 10 of the stranded swimmers were safely back on dry land.

Why is this so amazing? Because 80 complete strangers sprang into action, putting themselves in harm’s way, to save others. They joined hands and didn’t let go until every single person was safely back on shore. To us, this shows the inherent good in all people and the power of connecting.

Our core belief is the importance of connecting people for good. Just check out the home page of our website. It’s all about the connecting and for good reason — in Panama City, connecting saved 10 lives! We believe people crave connections. They want to unite with others for a cause. That cause may be a spontaneous need to rescue a family, or a global issue like combating climate change or ending child hunger. Regardless of the cause, connecting people can transform communities, build movement, save lives and even create lasting change for good.

Does that seem like a stretch? It’s not. The miracle in Panama City wasn’t an isolated incident. Two weeks later, a group of hikers in Arizona — mostly strangers — formed a human chain to save others from flash flooding caused by torrential rain. This shows the strong desire people have to connect. When it matters, people put aside their differences and come together to do good. You just need to bring them together by igniting their passion. Just look at this video to see what we mean:

That’s why we choose to focus our minds, hearts and creativity on making connections. For more about the power of connecting, check out our blog about connecting with donors.

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